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I want to help!

Working together to ensure a safe home for everyone.

Will you help us defeat domestic abuse? We need your help! You can support us by donating (see below) and being active in your community. Every action against domestic abuse can mean one more safe home. There are many things you can do to stop domestic abuse. A few examples: a moving company that moves victims to a new home, a kickboxer who organises workshops for women, an organisation that provides a workplace for a victim, a neighbour who watches the children when the parent needs a break— you name it. Everyone can use their strengths and skills to help victims and perpetrators achieve a life free of abuse!

We want to challenge people, organisations and businesses to think about the impact of domestic abuse and how they can contribute to ending it through their skills/work area/opportunities in their environment.

Let us know what you want to do! If you would like to make a difference but are not quite sure how, or if you would like to discuss what is most needed right now, get in touch or read more about our volunteer project below.

I want to volunteer:
'Helpende Hand'

In 2019, Kadera started recruiting volunteers to help domestic abuse victims in shelters in Enschede and Zwolle and at home. Volunteers engage in fun activities with the men, women and children in the shelter and assist them with practical issues such as budgeting, doctor visits, finding their way around the neighbourhood and interpreting. The children, in particular, also need a friend who can pay special attention to them.

Rebuilding a social network and regaining control of one’s life is crucial for recovery after domestic abuse. This includes restoring people’s independence as much as possible, even while staying at a shelter. Volunteers can help build self-confidence and independence and can lend a listening ear. Volunteers can also be a buddy for the children.

Do you have what it takes to be a volunteer at Kadera?

We are looking for sociable people who can help with various practical skills and activities. Once you are signed up, the volunteer coordinator will work with you to see what tasks would be a good fit and which client could be a match. The volunteer’s tasks, wishes and availability are discussed to ensure a good combination.

What can you start doing?

With so many people and so many desires, there are many different activities and tasks that you can volunteer for. We are looking for volunteers who: can do fun activities with the children staying at the shelter; can help clients become acquainted with the area by shopping, having coffee and doing other fun things; can assist clients with practical matters, such as accompanying them to doctor’s appointments, cooking together or organising activities at the shelter;

speak multiple languages, especially Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Eritrean and Moroccan; have special skills they would like to share, such as teaching Dutch or offering help with money management and budgeting.

We are open to other ideas and initiatives, so if you have an addition to the above examples, please contact the volunteer coordinator to discuss the possibilities.

Sign up to be a volunteer

Mensen die interesse hebben in vrijwilligerswerk bij Kadera, kunnen contact opnemen met vrijwilligerscoördinator Patricia Doornbos, door te mailen naar of door te bellen naar 06 13 04 54 11.

The new future
needs volunteer coaches

The goal of the new future is to motivate women who have experienced abuse to regain control of their lives. The new future methodology aims to support women looking for a job, education or volunteer work. The success factors of the new future include offering group training with other women and a guidance period with a personal volunteer coach.

We are looking for you!

You instill confidence in a participant paired with you and support her development journey. You will be her coach, sounding board and support system for nine months. The starting principle is that the participant must do it herself but does not have to do it alone.

I want to donate

Kadera is supported by individuals and corporations in the form of regular donations. We are grateful to our donors because they enable us to do something extra for the men, women and children we counsel.

To make an anonymous donation, you can transfer an amount of your choice to NL 23 INGB 0008 5364 79.

If you wish to to donate goods or services, or an amount with a specific purpose, send an email to
or call +31 88 422 24 95 (working days from 08:30–17:00).